Mobile Phones

Standard Mobile Phone or Smart Phone?

Basic mobile phones are best suited for users who want to make and receive phone calls, and perhaps send and receive the occasional text message, so will only require a low-cost mobile plan that allows the person to make and receive phone calls and text messages.

Our standard mobile phone is just £45. It has fewer features than our Smartphone, and typically have smaller screens and physical buttons. 

Our entry level smartphone is just £95 but have many more features - the main feature that it has over the standard mobile phone is the ability to connect to the internet for services such as email, surfing the web and social media. 

The entry level smartphone will also allow you to load additional applications that connect to services such as Banking, so will require a mobile service that includes a data allowance for connecting to the internet.

We supply an unlimited data SIM that is perfect for the entry level smartphone can be purchased separately, or as a bundle.

Standard Mobile Handset

Standard Mobile Handset£45.00

The image shows 2 SIM Works Globes either side of a Customer Service Agent - all Customer Services Agents are UK based and offer 1st class service to our customers