UK Landline SIM

Our UK Landline SIM gives you the ability to use a standard UK landline number on your mobile service.

In the UK the numbers used for mobile services start with 07. Having a number that starts with 07 allows you to make and receive telephone calls and send and receive SMS (text messages) on a mobile phone.

However, if you are looking to only make and receive calls on your mobile, it is possible with our UK Landline SIM to use a standard UK landline number that starts with 01, 02 or 03.

Why is this useful?

At Home.

Many homes will need to change their home telephone line arrangements as BT upgrades the entire UK telephone network to become fully digital. BT are referring to his as The BIG Switch Off.

Moving house to a location where you are not able to take your existing landline number with you. If you are moving outside off the catchment area for a T exchange you will not be able to take you existing landline number with you - BT only allows you to keep a numbers if you are staying in the same area. For example if you live in Brighton, you will have ann 01273 number. If you move out of Brighton, you will not be able to retain the 01273 number. 

Moving to a Care Home. Many elderly people rely on their landline number and may have had the same landline number for a many of years. Our UK Landline SIM allows them to take that number with them and continue to use it.

At Work.

Many smaller local businesses choose to advertise with a local number to reflect the fact that they operate in a specific Town or area. Having the ability to advertise a local (01, 02) number, but make and receive calls via a mobile phone gives business owners the flexibility that they require. 

Combine landline and mobile numbers on a single mobile service.

Perfect for those who want to replace their landline service and move the number to their mobile service, or for those who want to advertise landline numbers for business and keep their mobile number private for friends and family.

The UK Landline SIM from The SIM Works lets you use a landline number as the main number on your mobile phone.

Let your customers call your landline number and get straight through to your mobile. When you call customers back from your mobile phone you will show your business landline number.

You keep your mobile number for friends and family to call you - when you call them, they will see your mobile number.

You can still send and receive text messages.

The Mobile Landline is perfect for:

  • Replacing your landline service with a mobile service.
  • Small businesses
  • Self-employed people