The Top 5 Reasons Why Every Small Business Should Review Their Mobile Service Today.

24 May 2022  |  Admin

The Top 5 Reasons Why Every Small Business Should Review Their Mobile Service Today.


Every small business is becoming more and more reliant on the mobile phone than any other form of communication. Business is now ‘on the move’ and small businesses need a mobile phone service that will allow them to effectively communicate; internally, with customers and with suppliers.

As more staff are using a mobile phone as the primary form of communication, the need to review the mobile service that is never more important.

The needs of a business user are far different from those of the average consumer, but unfortunately, the mobile network operators and mobile virtual network operators (MNO and MVNO’s) are so focused on building their products and services to suit the consumer, the needs of the business user are now simply an afterthought.

So why is the mobile phone still years behind the traditional company phone system?

Here are five reasons why small businesses are swapping their mobile service:

Business mobile users want the ability to use standard 01, 02 and 03 landline numbers with their mobile service.

1.     When making or receiving calls, mobile users should be able to use multiple numbers, just like a traditional phone system:

·      A primary business number that is advertised.

·      A personal business number that is unique to the user (this can be a mobile number or a landline number).

·      A mobile number that is used for text messages.

2.     Business Users want the ability to choose which number is presented when dialling out:

·      Business numbers for general business calls.

·      The personal business number for specific calls.

·      Mobile number for personal calls.

3.     Business users want to have phone system features built into their mobile service:

·      Automatic Attendant for incoming calls (press 1 for Sales, press 2 for Technical Support, etc.)

·      Automatic call routing based on the callers choice.

·      Scheduled call routing based on time and staff availability.

·      The ability to transfer calls between mobiles.

·      Music on hold.

4.     Business users want the ability to record their mobile phone conversations:

·      Choose which calls are recorded - business v’s personal.

·      Choose how long to store recorded calls.

·      Choose to share recorded calls.

5.     Business users want the ability to report on their mobile calls.

·      See who is being called and by who.

·      See who is calling who.

·      See when calls are happening.

When choosing a supplier, do not simply look at the cost alone.

Simply comparing the cost of a service that is specifically tailored to business use against a standard consumer package available on the high street will not be a useful exercise. Instead, invest time in identifying a supplier that understands how businesses work and where they need a different service from the mobile services offered on the high street.